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This is Bob. Bob is cool.
Current Month
Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 10:28 pm w00t.
Bob's Mood: impressedimpressed
Bob's Music: "Runaway Train"-Soul Asylum
So, I went to the Dali Museum for the first time tonight, and saw Fritz Lang's Metropolis, since I am taking that Honors Seminar on the History of Germany and Berlin in Film. So I saw it, and it was AWESOME. Classic silent movie, very suspenseful. The first real sci-fi movie ever made, and you could tell that other movies drew alot of their classic motifs and metaphors from this movie. The religious motif, the idea of bringing something that's not alive to life, even the concept of eventual destruction due to progress. You would have thought the movie was made Post WWII, he was so in tune to the future of Berlin.

Truly Genius. I'm so excited about the Fall.=D
Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 08:52 am IB Scores
Bob's Mood: indescribableDancing in Pretty Colors
Bob's Music: "Pump it"-Black Eyed Peas
English HL-5

French SL-5

Psychology HL-5

Chemistry SL-5

Math Methods SL-6

Theatre HL-4

Total Number of points-30
Results-Diploma Awarded

Well kids, seems like I'm smart after all!!!!!=D
Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 12:51 pm oh. my. god.
Bob's Mood: blahblah
Bob's Music: "Vehicle"-sung by BO BICE
So I got an email from one of my professors a few days ago. He said to read Faust's Metropolis by Alexandra Richie before coming to class. So I order the book, and today I got a package. I thought I had accidentally gotten a hard cover version it was so heavy. Now, I have to read over 1000 pages on the History of Berlin in a little more than 2 months. Please shoot me.

It seems like interesting reading, so it's not too bad...but it's still a humungous book, on the History of Berlin.

I already have homework, and I haven't even started college yet...
Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 11:25 am *sigh* I've been tagged...
Bob's Mood: quixoticquixotic
Bob's Music: well, pick one=D
List 7 of your favorite songs of the moment in your own LJ, and then tag 7 others to do the same.

Well, k, not in specific order: 1)"My Beautiful Woman"-Backstreet Boys, 2)"Love is a Fast Song"-Copeland, 3)We Might as Well Be Strangers"-Keane, 4)"Honey & The Moon"-Joseph Arthur, 5)"You"-Switchfoot, 6)"Breathe (2 AM)"-Anna Nalick, 7)"Recovering the Satellites"-Counting Crows

Okay, I'll tag....Madi, Rose, Marisa, Mary, Rachael, Josh, and of course...Meri. Go. Do it. Cuz I had to.

Later Dayz=D

PS-I got my first traffic violation last night=(
Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 04:59 pm YAY VACATION!!!=D
Bob's Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Bob's Music: Internet Cafe music
Well guys, guess where I am right now?

I'm at an internet cafe, updating my journal near St. George's Island. I'm having so much fun. Orientation was awesome, too.

I think I'm going to become an ethnomusicology major.

Later Dayz
Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 11:46 pm How hott am I? HA. AND I'm cuban...??
Bob's Mood: geekygeeky
Bob's Music: The Mexican Hat Dance...I don't know...
This revolutionary used his training as a lawyer to
nurture the hate and discontent throughout
Cuba, eventually succeeding in overthrowing the
Batista regime with the help of Che Guevara,
noted freedom fighter and anti-bathing
advocate. Fidel's policies at first attempted
to diversify the Cuban economy, turning away
from sugar, though these attempts were marked
with failure, forming Castro's new policy, the
"Hey, Sugar isn't as bad as I
thought" plan. This, too, failed.
Eventually garnering much of its support from
fellow-communist regime, the Soviet Union,
Castro is often hard pressed to explain why so
many people attempt to flee his worker's
paradise. He usually blames their lack of
patience. After all, you can't really expect a
leader to fix any major problems in the first
fifty years.

Which Repressive Dictator are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

BTW, the funniest part is that the picture says something to the effect of "Fidel Castro: Oppressive Dictator and Snappy Dresser". Oh yeah, I'm snazzy=D
May. 27th, 2005 @ 09:05 am ARGH!!!
Bob's Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Bob's Music: The sound of the computer downloading virus software...
Gosh darnit, I got a virus...

Sorry if anyone got weird messages last night, I got them too. This virus is a bizatche, don't click on weird messages from me.

Sorry for all your inconveniences...I'll bake you all cookies, especially Josh....<3
May. 24th, 2005 @ 04:42 pm Bob says nothing
Bob's Mood: contentcontent
Bob's Music: American Idol Bo Bice...GO BO!!!
ok, so the way this thing works is: comment on my entry with the phrase interview me, and i will send you 5 questions which you can post answers to in a comment or in an lj entry (like i did). you can also send me 5 more questions if you wish:)

My Answers to Aya's questions:

1)if i were to make non-alcoholic cocktail flavored popsicles, what flavors would you recommend? I would recommend Kahlua coffee pops, Bailey's Irish coffee pops, and Strawberry Daquiri pops (all non-alcoholic, of course=D)

2)if we were to go on a road trip anywhere in florida this summer, where would you want to go? DAYTONA. I've always wanted to go to the other coast to watch the sun rise.

3)what is the one thing you really really want to do in college? (can be a class, experience, activity, etc.) I really wanna take a circus class, or some kind of dance class. I've always wanted to take a formal class on how to make myself into a pretzel=D

4)if you could do high school all over again, would you do things differently? Wow, this one's hard...I don't think I would. I've accepted the message of The Butterfly Effect, and I'm accepting my past-the good and bad parts.

5)would you rather have one week with someone you are really in love with (not necessarily someone you've met in reality) or a lifetime with someone who's just okay? Well, putting it that way, I'd rather spend a lifetime with someone okay. I mean, one week would just bring about disappointment after the week is gone. But an entire lifetime with someone, preferably with someone who I am in love with, but even if they're just okay, would have way more fulfillment for me.

There ya go, a little bit about myself=D
May. 19th, 2005 @ 02:15 pm A few words...
Bob's Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Bob's Music: "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)"-Green Day
High school is over, and there is one thing I can truly say.

I am not a pseudo-intellectual.

I don't look at education as a form of punishment. I go for quality education, not quantity education. What does this mean? I'm not one to learn as much as I can about everything. That's not what being smart is about. Being smart is about the ability to apply the knowledge you're given, and maybe something new will pop out at you. The day after I'm done with school, I finally realize what the IB program is all about. It's not about torture, it's not about being the smartest, it's about how you apply knowledge to your everyday life. And you know what, that makes me proud to be an IB student, because I know that unlike many educational systems that promote quantity education, IB gave me quality education.

Now, some important people I'd like to thank:

1)Mandi-You have become my best friend in these last two years we've had together. *I can fit the whole thing in my mouth~I'm like a vacuum, I just suck it all up~Oh my god, Katie, you don't understand, he is.........so hot~Drew, Rebecca, Bob, and Zelda~Two desserts...in one night~Macaroni Grill~"It's hard to come by"* Mandi, I love you, shoo=D

2)The IB/Thespian Juniors collectively-You guys have changed my life, and I will never forget you.

3)Xan-Just because he and his mighty axe are just the coolest, and he's always let me know that it's almost over.

I have so many more, but I'm afraid that lj won't post this, so to the class of 05, I thank you for the most amazing four years of my life.

Later Dayz
Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 03:08 pm Countdown
Bob's Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Bob's Music: "Good Riddance"-Green Day
Days left of High School: 1